World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

What is WCTP 601?

WCTP 601 is candidate support Blackboard Course, which all of our candidates receive FREE access to once they have successfully completed the WCTP application.

*WCTP 601 is only available to Mississippi candidates.

WCTP 601 will be cleaned out every August 1. If you are a continuing candidate, please, complete your National Board and WCTP registration by this date so that you can keep your access.

Who should use WCTP 601 and how?

  • Online Candidates – WCTP 601 is your curriculum. You should complete ALL assignments. You will be assigned an online mentor that will provide specific feedback for your assignments and be available to you through email and Zoom meetings.
  • Face-to-Face Candidates – ALL face-to-face candidates should complete the Component 1 module, which prepares you for the assessment center. Face-to-Face candidates use WCTP 601 as a supplement.
  • Advanced Candidates who are redoing a Component– There is a module called ‘Redoing a Component’. ALL advanced candidates (face-to-face and online) should start here!
  • Mentors – All mentors will guide candidates to watch the introductory videos and complete the Component 1 module. Mentors may also use WCTP 601 as a mentoring guide.

WCTP is a COURSE, which contains EVERY resource the WCTP has. It is essential that ALL candidates follow instructions and start by watching the provided video, which explains how to utilize the course. 

CEUs can be earned by using WCTP 601. To learn more about earning and purchasing CEUs, please, visit our link: Purchase CEUs

How do I login? Can you fix it where my password does not expire?

All candidates receive an initial email with a username(WebID),which never changes and a password, which expires every 90 days.

No, the login process cannot be changed or simplified. The entire University of Mississippi’s faculty, staff, and students follow the same protocol of updating their password every 90 days. It is simple and takes less than a minute. The WCTP cannot update passwords. Each individual associated with the university is responsible for keeping their own password updated. Here are the instructions: