World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

MOC Mentors

The WCTP is pleased to offer MOC candidates access to independent mentors, meaning you pay them rather than the WCTP.

If you would like a MOC mentor, please, reach out to them using the email provided below.




Mary Margarett King, MA English, NBCT, MS 2014 Teacher of the Year
662-266-1662, Online
Service Description: Two or three whole groups and the remaining sessions are one-on-one Zoom.
Accepting: Mississippi and National Candidates

Susan Martin, MA Curriculum & Instruction, NBCT 

$ 200.00 
Face-to-Face – Tupelo  and Online
Accepting: Mississippi Candidates

Angela Victory, NBCT, MA Curriculum/ELA, Practitioner of Distinction

Accepting: Mississippi Candidates 

Madison County Mentors
Madison County provides free MOC mentoring to Madison County NBCTs.
Accepting ONLY Madison County School District NBCTs

Princess Thompson, NBCT 
MCSD National Board Coordinator 
*Madison County teachers, email Princess, and she will match you with a MOC mentor.


  • The fee varies by mentor
  • MOC Memorandum of Understanding 
  • Mentoring – Meets September – May
  • Mentors will provide MOC candidates with a schedule. 

National Board Candidate Support for Mississippi Teachers is also offered through the WCTP. For more information, CLICK HERE