World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Online Candidates and WCTP 601

Online candidates are those who either cannot attend face-to-face mentoring due to distance or simply prefer the convenience of online.

WCTP 601 – Is the curriculum for online candidates.

Online Candidate Protocol

WCTP 601 is used as the curriculum for online candidates. The course is setup to include identified assignments and to provide specific feedback from mentors. Changing the format of the course would result in a reduction in quality of the candidate support offered by the WCTP; for that reason. Participates will be expected to follow the format of the course.


  • Login to WCTP 601
  • Watch the Online Candidate Video
  • Follow the instructions of the Online Candidate Video: Print out the Survival Guide and the WCTP 601 At-a-Glance Document
  • Submit the process timeline to your mentor
  • Follow the suggested component timeline if you need to make modifications to dates (not assignments), let your mentor know.
  • Complete the Component 1 module. Email your mentor ANY questions.
  • Complete desired other Component modules
  • Submit assignments as they are out lined in the component including any work samples that are noted. (Mentor will NOT provide feedback otherwise.)
  • Email mentor at any time


  • Provide feedback using the created online feedback forms that align with the submitted assignments

WCTP 601, the Course
The Blackboard course is self-paced, but candidates must follow the course structure in order for their experience to be meaningful and candidate support to be of high quality. Each module works the candidate through the specified component. The module includes examples of all forms, written commentary, explanations, and supplemental material to aid the candidate in making decisions, choices, and building their pedagogical background prior to completing the assignments.  Candidates will first be prompted to submit a timeline to their electronic mentor. Candidates and mentors will keep in close contact regularly through email. Assignments are outlined in each component for the candidates to complete. It is essential that assignments be completed in the order they are assigned. The component is completed and submitted to the mentor in “chunks” to allow for feedback as the candidate progresses through the component. Mentors will complete specific feedback forms on each assignment completed.

Candidates working on their own, completing the whole component and emailing it to a mentor for feedback without using WCTP 601 as it is outlined is NOT online mentoring and will not provide positive certification results for the candidate. Because of the WCTP’s desire to provide high quality candidate support, mentors will only provide feedback to assignments that are completed as outlined in the course.

The University of Mississippi’s World Class Teaching Program certified 59% of the state’s candidates in 2017. Our certification rate is over 70% while the national rate is around 45%. We are here to help YOU on YOUR certification journey!