World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi


Program Overview
Mississippi has a strong history of support for National Board Certification dating back to the 1990s. To date, 3,740 Mississippi teachers have achieved National Board Certification. Mississippi is partnering with the National Board to train and support early-career teacher candidates through the World Class Teaching Program at five universities across the state.

Fee Support: State
The state of Mississippi will reimburse all candidates when they complete the National Board process whether they certify or not.

Mississippi teachers who apply for National Board Certification may receive low-interest loans from designated banks in the state and be reimbursed by the state upon completion of the National Board Certification process. This varies strongly from county to county. Check with your local banks to see if they participate.

MS CODE § 37-19-7 provides an annual salary supplement of $6,000 to eligible NBCTs for the life of the National Board certificate.