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National Candidates (NOT Mississippi) – All this information will not apply to you but alot of it will!

NEW Score Release Document from the National Board

Candidates, this page will address three different situations that you could find yourself in based on the scores you received.

Please, keep in mind that completing the National Board process, whether you certify or not, WILL renew your Mississippi educator’s license. Make sure you submit the necessary paperwork to MDE

You Certified!!  Congratulations! There are three things that you need to do.

  • We will have a pinning ceremony in May. It will once again be a Come & Go. Email me so that I can add your name to the list. I will share the details as soon as it is scheduled.
  • Let’s get your stipend started! Take the Request for Funds letter to your central office. You will also need to print out a copy of the official letter from the National Board confirming that you certified, and to get reimbursed you need to take a copy of your receipt. You can access your payment history in your National Board account. Should your school ask for any instructions or clarification on how to enter you into the system, share this link with them. This should also take care of your reimbursement if you are owed one. You will not receive your certificate until the spring. MDE accepts a copy of your notification letter because it includes your NBCT certificate number. You will turn in a copy of your certificate to your central office when you do receive it.
  • Join the Mississippi NBCT network!! Join Here.

You have not certified YET, but have completed all four components and received a total score and will be continuing your journey as an Advanced Candidate. There are three things that you need to do.

  • Read this blog, Missing the Mark: An Unexpected Journey, which was written by me, Tammy Kirkland, and reflects on my personal experience of missing certification by less than one point:
  • You need to get reimbursed for the components that you completed. Take the Request for Funds letter, along with your official letter that you received from the National Board, and proof of your payment. You can access your letter and proof of payment from your National Board account.
  • Continue the Journey! The World Class Teaching Program has a plan in place to help advanced candidates successfully complete their journey to certification
  • FREE Resource! Advanced Candidate Workbook 22
  1. Register with the National Boards.
  2. Register with the World Class Teaching Program. There is an Advanced Candidate module in WCTP 601. Advanced candidates will first be placed in WCTP 601 and asked to complete the module. Candidates will then be placed with a mentor. We do NOT charge advanced candidates an enrollment fee! 
  3. Mentoring starts back in January.

You are a Continuing Candidate, which means that you have chosen to complete the process in more than one year. You have not completed all four component nor have you received a total score, but you have received scores on the components that you completed and submitted. There are two things you need to do.

  • Complete this Request for Funds form and take it to your central office to get reimbursed for the components that you completed. If you plan to use that money to pay for your remaining components, you need to get this done asap.
  • Print out your official letter that you received from the National Board and print out your payment history. Both of these documents can be found in your National Board account. Take the letter and proof of payment to your central office.

Candidates have the option of redoing right away or waiting until you receive a final score. For this reason, continuing candidates may choose to wait and see what they score on other components before they decide to redo a component. Keep in mind scores are also weighted. Remember, you will not receive a total score UNTIL you complete all four components.  You will receive feedback on each component. If you score below the floor score of 1.75, you must redo that component. Scoring below 1.75 on any component will prevent certification.

Score Release Materials Made Available from the National Board

Carefully read over this page and take notice of all the links and resources that are provided. Resources include an updated Scoring Guide with Sample Score Reports, Frequently Asked Questions, and Scoring Calculator.

Updated Scoring Guide (Essential read if you are planning to retake a component)

Score Release Frequently Asked Questions for First-Time and Returning Candidates

Interpreting Your Score Report

Scoring Calculator

  • The World Class Teaching Program at The University of Mississippi will be closed for Christmas Holidays starting December 20 and will reopen January 3.
  • The National Board customer support team will be available to answer any questions at 1-800-228-3224, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. Please refer to the schedule below for exceptions to these times of availability over the holiday season.
    December 22-23: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm CST
    December 28-31: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm CST