World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

*This is the fee for Mississippi teachers. 

Mississippi teachers should only use this link if they did not pay the enrollment fee when they registered.

Mississippi WCTP Enrollment Fee $50 (Click here)

The World Class Teaching Programs charges a modest fee for candidate support. 

  • $50 Annual, nonrefundable, WCTP Enrollment Fee
  • This fee is due when a candidate submits their WCTP application. I
  • The fee includes a certified National Board mentor, enrollment in our online candidate support course, WCTP 601, and attendance to our fall/spring mini-conference, Super Saturday. We do not charge a fee for mentoring for each component. The $50 enrollment fee includes access to ALL our services.

You will be able to use Paypal or pay with a debit card or credit card,  It will take you to the North Mississippi Education Constorium’s (NMEC) website. They manage all monies for the WCTP.