World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

WCTP 601: Preparing for National Board Certification 

Course Description: Candidates will work through a series of modules, complete tasks and assignments, and submit work to a certified NBCT for feedback.

The World Class Teaching Program at the University of Mississippi is excited to share with its candidates a NEW candidate resource. Available in the summer of 2017, registered all candidates will be placed in the WCTP 601 Self-paced Blackboard Course. This course is for two types of candidates.

  1. Traditional, Face-to-Face Candidates – This will serve as a supplement resource that should answer most if not all of your questions about what to do. Mentors will also have access to this course. This course will be used throughout your certification journey.
  2. Long distance Candidates – Where you live no longer matters! You can now receive candidate support through the WCTP 601. Long distance candidates will be paired with an electronic mentor. As you work your way through the components, you will submit specific assignments to an assigned mentor. The mentor will complete specific feedback forms and return it to you with high quality feedback.

Who is Eligible?

  • University of Mississippi, World Class Teaching Program National Board Candidates
  • Any resident of Mississippi. (This may eventually be extended nationally)

How do I get placed in this course? Registration is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Register for the National Board process with the National Board
    •  Secure a candidate ID
    •  Pay your $75 registration fee to the National Board (You will do in the final step of National Board registration)
    •  Release information to Third Party. (This is necessary for grant funding and to be eligible for scholarships. It is part of your National Board registration process and is the default.)
  2. Complete application for membership in the World Class Teaching Program at Ole Miss. (This is free and open to all)
  3. Email the WCTP ( stating that you have completed the prerequisites for placement in WCTP 601. Once you have done so, your name will populate the data base of the National Board. Once the WCTP sees your name, you will be added for enrollment into the WCTP 601 course.