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The University of Mississippi

CEU’s for Purchase

Fall 2017 Mentoring YearExpired, Window to purchase has closed.
Spring 2018 – Expired, Window to purchase has closed.

DEADLINE TO PURCHASE CEUs for Fall 2018 is May 30, 2019.

CEU WCTP Application (Click to download. Please, print out)

Maximum CEUs earned: Fall 6 sessions 1.2 CEUs/ Spring 8 sessions 1.6 CEUs
TOTAL MAX BASED ON ATTENDANCE; this includes Face-to-Face, Online (WCTP (601), or Face-to-Face combined with Online (WCTP 601)

Instructions for purchasing CEUs are on the application. Please, follow the instructions and return the completed form, along with your payment to the North Mississippi Education Consortium. CEUs are determined by the mentoring attendance sheets. The CEUs you have earned will be calculated once your CEU application has been received. Candidates cannot fill out the number of CEUs earned.

CEU application MUST include: Your mentor’s name and the mentoring semester (Fall of Spring) as well as the year.
Do NOT include the amount of CEUs. This amount must be calculated by the WCTP based on the attendance sheet.

  • Starting the fall of 2017, CEUs will be available for WCTP 601 participates 

Mail CEU application and check to
North Mississippi Education Consortium (Make Check to NMEC)

850 Insight Park Ave. Suite 253C, University MS 38677
Phone Numbers:
(662) 915-7763
(662) 915-7905
Fax – (662) 915-3790