World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

*This is the fee for teachers NOT from Mississippi.

Teachers should only use this link if they did not pay the enrollment fee at the time they registered.

WCTP Enrollment Fee

The World Class Teaching Programs charges a modest fee for candidate support. 

  • $135 Annual, nonrefundable, WCTP Enrollment Fee
  • This fee is due when a candidate submits their WCTP 602 application.
  • The fee includes enrollment in our online candidate support course, WCTP 602.
  • To learn more about WCTP 602, click here: WCTP 602
  • Our course is very thorough but is completely self-paced. It does not include a mentor or reader.

PayPal Link

This will take you to the North Mississippi Education Consortium’s PayPal link. (They handle all our monies). Just enter the amount $135 and list WCTP 602 when prompted for what.

If you want to pay with a debit card or credit card, use this link. It will take you to the North Mississippi Education Constorium’s (NMEC) website. They manage all monies for the WCTP. 

WCTP 602 Enrollment Fee (NMEC) *Coming Soon*