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Candidate Resources

UTILIZE the provided Scoring Guide resources to help you. You will find these resources at    (Choose your certificate area)

  • Part 1: Understanding and Interpreting Your Scores (explains how things are weighted)
  • Part 2: Includes the rubrics for your certificate area
  • Evaluation of Evidence –  The assessors use this to score your entries. Choose your certificate area. Then look underneath Scoring Guide

Writing for National Boards

Click “Get Started” 

Certification Areas, Standards, and Available Components
* Make sure you print out your portfolio instructions, AND the general portfolio instructions. The general instructions include an example component!!

Resources for First Time Candidates
Includes Guide to National Board Certification w/Due Dates
Rubrics are included with each component

Score Calculator (For Retake Candidates Prior to 2014)

Retake and Renewal
Portfolio Entries, Instructions, and Standards

Follow the link above to the “new” components. Print out the general portfolio instructions. Although this is for the new candidates, it will benefit you greatly!



Online Blogs and Support Groups

EC Gen Online Support Group
NBPTS Chatboard


* If the page does not open, check your Download folder.