World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Mississippi World Class Teaching Program Application

  • Prior to registering with the WCTP, you must first register with the National Board
  • Every year that you participate in the National Board process, you must reregister with the National Board (and the WCTP) and pay the annual $75 National Board registration fee. (The Guide to National Board Certification, p.5)

Due to funding changes at the state level, the World Class Teaching Program has been prompted to add WCTP Participation Terms. Our candidate support is still FREE. Please, read through the following information that is provided to help you successfully navigate your registration.

Step 1. Third Party Release
In the National Board registration process, step 4, you will see this screen. Notice Third Party is already marked as the default.

If you unmarked the default, did not release to Third Party, and need to update your account, you may find the instructions on how to do so here: (Click) Update Account to Release to Third Party

Step 2. Pay your $75 National Board annual registration fee (step 7 of the above registration process.)
Step 3. Make a ‘Good Faith” Down Payment, any amount you choose! For additional information, please, visit this link: (Click)  Good Faith Down Payment 
Step 4. Agree that you will only participate in one World Class Teaching Program.
Step 5. Complete the application below.

The WCTP will check the National Board database to confirm the Participation Terms have been completed prior to providing candidate support. Please, do NOT submit your application until you have completed all the terms.

Notice: New applications will be processed in January. Candidates will receive an email once their application has been successfully processed to provide WCTP 601 login information. New candidates will be contacted by their mentor in January.

Advanced Candidates, please, join us for an Advanced Candidate Workshop on Saturday, January 19, 2019 in Oxford.  

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