World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Get Certified: Step 4 – Register with National Board

Once you’ve made the decision, you must first register with the National Board before you can request candidate support. You will be issued a candidate ID that you have to provide on your candidate support (WCTP) application.

NOTICE: You must register with the National Board AND the World Class Teaching Program to receive candidate support.

Registration Guide
Please, download. It has visual graphics for all of the steps listed below.

National Board Registration
Introduction – Welcome
Step 1 – Personal Information
Step 2 – Employment Information
Step 3 – Verify Eligibility
Step 4 – Agreement (Includes default release to 3rd Party (required for candidate support). 3rd Party is only the National Board database. Your information is not publicly released.)
Step 5 – Certificate Selection
Step 6 – Registration Review
Step 7 – Registration Payment of non-refundable $75 (required for candidate support)
Step 8 – Confirmation (You will be issued an eight digit candidate ID)

Component Registration (Separate from National Board Registration)
Login to your NB account
Step 1 – Purchase Component/Select Component (IMPORTANT – You are NOT actually purchasing the component. You are ONLY placing it in your cart! It must be placed in your cart before you can pay on it or qualify for scholarships)
Step 2 – Agreement
Step 3 – Order Review
Step 4 – Payment (Payment is NOT required at the point)
Step 5 – Confirmation

Paying on a Component
Login to your NB account
You may pay the $475 all at once, or you may Pay as You Go