World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Face-to-Face Candidate & WCTP 601

Face-to-Face candidates are enrolled in WCTP 601, our self-paced Blackboard course. The course is used in the following ways for Face-to-Face candidates.

All Face-to-Face candidates will complete the Component 1 module. This module is how the WCTP prepares candidates for the assessment, which is 40% of your score. Failure to complete the module will reduce the candidate’s success at the assessment center. This module is self-paced and candidates will work through it throughout the year; however, ALL candidates should start work on the Component 1 module as soon as they register for the process. See suggested timelines.

WCTP 601 is also used as a supplement to Face-to-Face mentoring. Sometimes mentors will make assignments using the course. Candidates should look through all modules to become aware of what is available and use the resources as needed.