World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi


These timelines are only suggestions. Candidates are encouraged to set their own timelines, but the following information should help candidates plan out their certification journey.

One Year Completion Timeline

Component 1 – Ongoing, all year. Test in June.

Component 4 – Familiarize yourself with Component 4 in the early fall. When you have a good understanding of the Component and how it could be integrated into Component 2 and/or Component 3, start the Component.

Component 2 – Complete in the fall. This component requires candidates to show growth. By starting in the fall with your new class, it will be easier to accomplish.

Component 3 – Complete in the spring.

1. Candidates may switch Component 2 and 3 if they desire to do so. These are the components that require the most in class work; therefore, plan on completing one in the fall and the other in the spring.

Two Year Completion Timeline

Year 1
Scenario #1
– Component 2 or Component 3
– Component 4
Scenario #2
– Component 2
– Component 3

Year 2
– Component 2, Component 3, or Component 4
– Component 1 (Study for in Year 1 and 2. Test in Year 2)

  • This option is attractive because you can use your reimbursement from the state of Mississippi after year one to pay for year two.

Three Year Completion Timeline

Year 1 
– Component 2 or 3

Year 2
– Component 2 or 3
– Component 4

Year 3
– Component 1 (Study for in Year 1 and 2. Test in Year 3)