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Renewal and Maintenance of Certificate (MOC)

The renewal process is not recertification. It’s a process by which you compile and submit a Profile of Professional Growth (PPG), demonstrating how your practices continue to align with the Five Core Propositions in your certificate area. In contrast to initial certification, the PPG is a single submission composed of three interrelated components and a reflection. These components draw upon a single group of Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs) you select. A ten year certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this renewal process for those that certified under the old process.

Renewal is a personal and public statement about your commitment to the profession and to your students. Accomplished teachers recognize that their professional learning and growth never ends. In any given subject and developmental area, best practice and knowledge are constantly evolving. At the same time, changes in technology and policy affect every aspect of education, from the classroom to administration.

For those reasons, National Board Certification, like Board certification in other professions from architecture to medicine, must be periodically renewed. If you are a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) and wish to retain your certification status, you must renew prior to the expiration date of your most recent certificate.

Renewal Process

Jackie Parker, NBCT, currently mentors for Renewal. She offers two Renewal Workshops in late summer or earlier fall. The dates will be posted on the WCTP website once they have been set. You may contact Jackie at


Beginning in 2021, NBCTs will extend their certificate through a new process called maintenance of certification (MOC). This will impact EVERY candidate who participates in the NEW process. You will not complete Renewal but the Maintenance of Certificate process. A five year certificate issued will be issued upon successful completion of the Maintenance of Certificate process. The Renewal process is currently being updated and the new version will go live in 2021.

Maintenance of Certificate (For all candidates who certify under the new process)

Additional Renewal Resources (Illinois State)