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The University of Mississippi

Financial Support from the State of Mississippi for the National Board Process

Did you know that the State of Mississippi will reimburse all public teachers in the state to go through the National Board Process?!

A public school employee in the state of Mississippi shall be reimbursed the actual cost of completing each component of acquiring certification or endorsement, (this does not include the $75 annual registration fee) for each component, not to exceed four (4) components, for a teacher. (Mississippi Legislation 37-17-7 (2) (b)).

Teachers pay upfront and the state reimburses. Read through the links below to familiarize yourself with how to claim your reimbursement. Reimbursement is provided to ALL candidates whether they certify or not. The state will only pay for teachers to complete the process one time.

The state does not provide money for retakes.

Policy and Procedures – Information on salary supplement and process cost reimbursement. (All NBCTs and National Board candidates should read this.)
Notes on Documentation – Required documentation for those that complete NB certification or are receiving the $6,000 annual bonus.
* Request for Funds Form* – This includes the form teachers must complete and turn into their central office as well as the instructions on how to be reimbursed for completing the National Board Process and for newly certified NBCTs to get their $6000 stipend started. Note: NBCTs are referred to as Master Teachers in the state of MS.