World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Below you will find items aligned to the Component 1 test schematic. This should not be considered a complete list of study materials.

Knowledge of Learners and Collaborating with Families (Standards I, XII)
– Knowing Each Student as an Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Cultural, and
Language Learner
– Understanding Learning and Child Development Theories
– Assisting Families in Supporting Their Children’s Learning Development

Equality, Fairness, and Diversity; the Learning Environment; and Literacy Assessment (Standards II, III, IV, V)
– Promoting Fairness and Equality
– Establishing the Intellectual Environment
– Selecting Resources
– Knowledge of Assessment and Selecting and Administering Assessments

Reading and Writing (Standards VI and VII)
– Knowledge and Instruction of Reading
– Knowledge and Instruction of Writing
– Connections of Reading and Writing to the Other Language Arts and to
Other Disciplines

Listening and Speaking; Viewing and Visual Literacy (Standards VIII and IX)
– Knowledge and Instruction of Listening and Speaking
– Knowledge and Instruction of Viewing and Visual Literacy