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COVID and Certification
The resources on this page are to help candidates who are pursing National Board Certification during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tips from the WCTP

  • Strongly consider completing the process in two years. This allows you the ability to complete one component per semester. 
  • Because the school setting may change from face-to-face to hybrid to online, you want to make good use of any face-to-face time you have with students.
  • However, before you teach any National Board lesson or record any video, you need to make sure you understand what Accomplished Teaching looks like to the National Board. To do this, you must become extremely familiar with your standards. PLAN WITH YOUR STANDARDS. You can not insert standards as an after thought. Each component has a rubric; the rubric aligns with your certificate’s National Board standards. The embodiment of your certificate’s standards in your teaching is what leads to certification.
  • Remember, we also offer online mentoring, which uses Zoom and/or Google Meet to host monthly face-to-face meetings online. (Many of our face-to-face mentors have chosen to move to this format for the sake of safety.) We also offer our one of a kind, Blackboard candidate support course, WCTP 601 to all our candidates.

COVID Related Material from the National Board
Component Exceptions
(PDF)National Board Certification During COVID
*The information below is from the PDF