World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Below you will find items aligned to the Component 1 test schematic. This should not be considered a complete list of study materials.

Knowledge of Science Practices and Context (Standard II)
20% of Selected Response Selection
Nature of Science
Understanding of Inquiry
Context of Science

Knowledge of Science Content (Standard II)
60% – 45% in speciality, 15% from other disciplines
Content of Science (All content -combined document)
Earth and Space Science
Earth and Space Science – Praxis Review
Life Science
Physical Science-Chemistry
Khan Academy Chemistry
Physical Science-Physics
Khan Academy Physics

Curriculum, Instruction, and Learning Environment (Standards III, V)
20% of Selected Response Selection
Crosscutting Principals
Next Generation – Cross Cutting Principals in Science
Cross Cutting Concepts in Action – Video
Assessing and Addressing Preconceptions
Assessing and Addressing Students’ Science Ideas – Article
Using Formative Assessment to Identify Preconceptions/Misconceptions

Constructed Response Questions
Memorize the Level 4 Rubric