World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

Below you will find items aligned to the Component 1 test schematic. This should not be considered a complete list of study materials.

English Language Arts, the Arts, and Health and Wellness (Standard IV)
Balanced Literacy
Structuring a Literacy Classroom
One School’s Approach (Broken down by K-2 and 3-5 strategies)
Choosing Texts
Professional Practice
Matching Students to Text (Scholastic)
Newbery Synopsis, Classic Children’s Books
Analyzing Texts
Video (Teaching Channel)
Strategies (Edutopia)
Value and Purposes of Visual and Performing Arts through Cross-Curricular Contexts
Health Enhancing Skills

Number Sense
Algebraic Thinking
– Khan Academy 5th Grade, 6th Grade
– Khan Academy 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Data Analysis
– Khan Academy 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Knowledge of Science Domains: Life, Earth/Space, and Physical Science
Vocabulary of Science
Misconceptions and Evolution of Scientific Thinking
Science Tools, Models, and Representations and Engineering Design Principles
Inquiry Resource
Inquiry Teaching Method 

Social Studies
Knowledge of Social Studies Content:
– History
Digital Timeline, Quizlet
– Geography
Interactive, National Map-Capitals-Oceans-Continents
– Civics/Government
– Economics
Themes of Social Studies
Primary and Secondary Sources
Teaching Primary and Secondary Sources, Collection of Resources
Critical Thinking in Social Studies