World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi

CEUs Available for Purchase
Fall 2020

Candidates AND Mentors can apply. CEUs are offered by the North Mississippi Education Consortium. Per the Consortium’s policy, the opportunity to purchase to CEUs is good from six months from the date of the event.

The CEU application is now online.

  • Prior to applying for CEU’s, you will need to email the World Class Teaching Program at
  • Include the following information in your email: (1) Are you a candidate or a mentor? (2) Your name (3) Your mentor’s name if you are a candidate. 
  • Upon receiving your email, the WCTP will provide you with an Attendance Verification Certificate. 
  • Once you receive the certificate, return here and use the link at the bottom of this page to apply for CEUs. You will be prompted to upload the certificate.

CEUs are only available for Mississippi Teachers, WCTP candidates and Mentors. CEUs can be earned for Face to Face attendance, Zoom/Google Meet Virtual Attendance, and use of WCTP 601. 

Maximum CEUs earned:
Fall 6 sessions 1.2 CEUs   Spring 8 sessions 1.6 CEUs.

If you need help, please, contact Anna Brantley at the North Mississippi Consortium, (662) 915-7763/(662) 915-7905

Do NOT complete this application until you have requested and received a Certificate of Attendance from the WCTP.

CEUs are only available for the semester listed at the top of the page.

CEU Application Link: Click Here