World Class Teaching Program

The University of Mississippi


In step 4, agreement section, of your registration with the National Board under Special Considerations, you see the following screen. Notice, Third Party release is marked as the default choice.   By allowing your name to be released to Third Party (and paying your $75.00 registration fee), your name populates the National Board database. The Mississippi Department of Education uses this data base as the ‘Official” candidate list in Mississippi and ONLY releases funds to support candidates whose name is listed in the database. This is a candidate tracking service that is ONLY used by the National Board. It does not include candidate scores.

This is the document that Mississippi Department of Education uses in order to validate Mississippi candidates; therefore, it is required by the WCTP in order to provide candidate support. This must be completed prior to being assigned a mentor or placed in WCTP 601. 

If you did not choose the option to release to 3rd party (meaning you unchecked the default box), the information below will help you update your information. 

How to Release Your Name to Third Parties

This must be done every year that you choose to participate with the World Class Teaching Program. Thank you!!!